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All tours regardless of rain still go out. If there is lightning then we may delay tour until it passes. We cannot stop the tour if lightning starts while we are out. If a tour is returned because of some one else’s health or bad weather you will be refunded the amount of time that was not used on your tour. If you were out for 1 hour and your tour was 90 minutes you will be refunded 1/3 of your tour.

All Mangrove Wilderness Tours and Watson’s Tours have a no refund no exchanges policy. If you are on the tour and someone else or bad weather causes a return then you will be refunded the amount of the tour time you did not receive.

10,000 island tours can be cancelled or exchanged 48 hours before tour without charge. If tour is cancelled within 24 hours there will be a 15% cancellation fee and tour times can still be exchanged as long as we have 4 hour notice with no fee.

Specialty tours will need 48 hour cancellation notice to receive refund, and if 24 hours is given a 15% cancellation fee will be charged. No refunds if less than 24 hours. It may be exchanged for another date or time if less than 24 hour without charge.

All canoes and Kayaks will have a 48 hour cancellation notice without charge. If cancellation is 24 hours or less there will be a 15% cancellation fee. You may exchange the day or time with a 12hour notice.

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