Our mission is to explore Everglades National Park, and to share the amazing natural beauty and importance of this place.

mangroves in florida

The Everglades are a priceless and irreplaceable environment; it is important for the health and survival of Florida, and the entire world. 

The Florida Everglades has been recognized as an essential natural environment by the United Nations and other international organizations.

aerial view of mangrove tree islands in ten thousand islands in florida everglades, near marco island and everglades national park.

The Everglades ecosystem has been designated as a Biosphere Preserve, a World Heritage Site, and more.

We are committed to sharing and exploring the Everglades in a respectful way which does not disrupt its natural balance or its wildlife.

We encourage you to please visit the Everglades, learn about its ecosystems, and become an advocate to help protect its future.

Quiet boat tours are one of the best ways to explore Everglades National Park, especially the Gulf Coast region and Ten Thousand Islands.

Everglades National Park Boat Tours