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Everglades National Park Boat Tours has been in operation before the gulf coast became part of the National Park system. Everglades National Park has been declared a Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage Site and a Wetlands International Alliance by the United Nations. We offer tours so visitors can see the Everglades as it is naturally with out any loud noises or interruptions to the wild life's daily routine. We do see a variety of birds, manatees and the dolphins like to play in the wake of the boat. We have especially quiet engines so wild life is not intimidated while we watch. Whether you go on your own in one of our canoes or kayaks, or join our guides as we show the beautiful and mysterious Everglades nature will reward you with it's treasures.

Everglades National Park Boat Tours is the sole authorized boat tour through Everglades National Park(excluding Dry Tortugas). A good portion of all sales goes to Everglades National Park, we are the only tour that offers Everglades National Park money on any sales.

Everglades National Park     815 Oyster Bar Lane, S.R. 29, Everglades City, FL 34139, USA     239-695-2591     866-NATPARK     visit ENP webiste